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Société Générale Launches Komgo Solutions For Clients In Cameroon

Date: 03/05/2022

International trade operations still require numerous documents and papers that must be presented by customers to their banks. To meet the needs of simplification and time saving, Société Générale Cameroon now offers its customers the electronic platform Komgo.

Komgo is a tool that enables dematerialisation of the instructions sent to Société Générale Cameroon by its corporate clients, by loading directly without having to move, the documents necessary for the processing of Letters of Credit and International Guarantees.

Thus, by carrying out an import letter of credit transaction from Komgo on April 7th 2023, Société Générale Cameroon became the first financial institution in sub-Saharan Africa to have processed an international trade transaction in a totally digitalised, fast and secure way.

The processing of our Letter of Credit (LC) in a fully digitalised way changes everything. Not having to travel to send all the documents to the bank is an incredible time-saver, and we gain in efficiency in our business. This innovation marks the beginning of a new way of interacting with our bank SG CAM on a daily basis, and we have already planned to fully integrate Komgo with our internal communication system.”
Ali Karaki, Administrative and Financial Director

About Société Générale Cameroon

With more than 700 employees, 156 ATMs and 44 branches throughout Cameroon, Société Générale Cameroon places accessibility and proximity at the heart of its commitment and daily actions. Société Générale Cameroon's teams are present alongside 245,000 active customers (large companies, SMEs, institutions, professionals and individuals) to accompany them with solutions adapted to their needs.  

Present since 1963 on the Cameroonian territory, the expertise of Société Générale Cameroon is based on a team of advisors attentive and dedicated to customer satisfaction, and offers a complete and diversified range of products and services as well as an innovative multi-channel system (Internet, social networks, telephone).

Societe Generale Cameroon plays a leading role in the economy of the sub-region in general and in Cameroon in particular. In 2022, it received several awards from renowned institutions:

About Prometal

Prometal is a foundry of steel bars reconstituted from scrap. It is located in the industrial zone of Bassa-Douala, on the south bank of the Wouri River.

Since 2010, Prometal is a major player in the Cameroonian and sub-regional economy. Prometal contributes to the construction of major projects alongside the Cameroonian State.

Prometal has put in place a management and a technology whose ultimate objective is to provide answers adapted to the needs of all its partners.

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