01 / Verify Trakk Documents

You've received a Trakk document? 
Simply drag-and-drop it below to verify its origin and authenticity.

02 /View The Audit Trail

Verification displays the activities and data embedded in a document. The status is always up to date, new activities added are visible in realtime.

03 / Build Trust

Any action on a document is linked to a verified organisation on the Komgo Network. Only authorised user can register documents and add activities.


Try it for yourself:

Download these documents to test the verification process.





Trakk includes an advanced electronic signature solution compliant with eIDAS requirements.


Who can register a Trakk document?
How can I add an activity to a document?
How do I become a Komgo Member?
What does the audit trail mean?
What if I've received a negative verification result?

Let us show you how it works.

Customer Stories

TotalEnergies Trading & Shipping

Integrating our document tracking solution, "Trakk", with their internal systems to secure commercial invoices for customers.

Mercuria Energy Trading SA

Komgo was selected as the integration partner to secure and digitalize their trade documents. We worked with Mercuria to integrate our document tracking solution, Trakk, with their invoicing system to guard against fraud and phishing