Document Verification

Trakk is a tool to increase the security of digital documents exchanged between multiple parties via email or other electronic means.

Scroll down to verify your documents.
You've received a Trakked document?

01 / Verify it

Drag and drop it below to verify its authenticity.

02 / View the Audit Trail

Anyone in possession of the document can query the audit trail. The status of the document is always up to date, new activities signed are visible in realtime.

03 / Build Trust

Any action signed on a document is linked to both a verified company, and an individual. Only authorized representatives can register and sign documents.

Trakk FAQ

Who can register a document?
How can I add an activity to a document?
How do I become a Komgo Member?
What does the audit trail mean?
What if I've received a negative verification result?

Add a Trakk verification widget to your website.

Allow your clients and partners to quickly verify the authenticity of your documents, directly on your own website.
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