Seal The Deal

Farewell Fragmentation

Receivables finance data is scattered as requests and quotes are discussed predominantly via email and on the phone.

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Corporates  tend to work with a limited number of creditors.

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Transactions are time-consuming and can include many dynamic parameters. No standard pricing reference makes quick comparison difficult.

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It's difficult to consolidate and record data, insights based on historical pricing are lost.

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Pricing data are harvested and monetised by third parties.

What is Market for?

Credit Appetite

Obtain quotes to manage risk derived from documentary credit and open account flows.

Cover and Discounting

Conduct an end-to-end transaction including the exchange of digital documents.

Deposits and

Request pricing and appetite from lenders on deposits and loans.

Why choose Market?


Exchange with multiple banks at once - on and off the Komgo Network - to quote and book transactions or exchange information on deposits and loans.

Common Reference

Bring all pricing interactions and transactions onto one platform with standardised exchanges and comparable quotes.


Optimise working capital, manage cost-of-funds, find new deals and build new relationships with credit providers and counterparties.

Consolidated View

Automate information sharing, gain insights and intelligence from historical records for pricing, supply, usage and more.


Request Credit Appetite Information on Buyers and Issuing Banks:

Send credit appetite requests on buyers and issuing banks to multiple financial institutions at once.

01 /

Track and monitor request status and information received from banks.

02 /

Comparable quotes provide a consolidated view.

03 /

Structured and historical data helps to keeps record and provide insights into trends.


Book Transactions on Corporate Risk:

Create or retrieve a trade from your internal system and apply to credit providers for risk cover and/or discounting.

01 /

Track, receive, accept and reject quotes from financial providers.

02 /

Provide transaction details, negotiate pricing and exchange documents.

03 /

See when cover and discounting is booked, communicate on the repayment status and monitor payment track record (of the importer).


Find Capacity on Export Flows

Receive and select suitable quotations for LC confirmation and discounting, avalized drafts discounting, SBLC confirmation and guarantee reissuance.

01 /

Share transaction details, including documents, with financial institutions.

02 /

Track, receive, accept and reject quotes from providers.

03 /

Allocate the transaction and request limit reservation.


Live Dashboards

Our consolidated dashboards allow users to view all key data in a single screen:

01 /

Transaction dashboard: track all of your cover and discounting activities with alerts and reminders.

02 /

Buyer dashboard: access credit capacity and pricing information on your buyers.

03 /

Transaction detail screen: monitor all information and documents related to a specific transaction, with a timeline to track key steps / dates.

Still not convinced? More benefits for managers and users:

Optimizing working capital.

Monitor cost of funds and send more requests, to more banks, more often.

Get the best price.

Standardised pricing and comparable quotes provide a better view of the market.

Keep record.

Gain insights and intelligence from historical records on pricinginformation, demand, usage and more.

Increase speed and efficiency.

Structured exchange keeps all parties on the same page and reduces back-and-forth. Gain time by sending multiple requests at once.

Accelerate follow-up.

Monitor responses and finalize details with a real-time contextual chat related to each transaction.

Control your data.

With bilateral exchanges only, Komgo doesn’t see, collect or analyse any information exchanged.

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