Seal The Deal

Unlock The Power Of The Market

Connecting buyers and sellers of corporate and FI risk, in the primary and secondary markets, for faster price discovery and deal execution.

01 / Find New Partners

Advertise appetite, increase reach and discover new business opportunities.

02 / Gain Insights & Intelligence

Consolidate all information sharing and analysis via one platform, to gain information from historical records on pricing changes, demand, usage and more.

03 / Faster Market Reads

Increase speed of information sharing and exchange with more parties, more often. See price evolutions in near real-time.

04 / Increase Volumes & Returns

Increase use of credit limits in the primary market through accelerated sell-down of risk in the secondary market.

What Makes Market Unique?

Risk Distribution

The combination of primary and secondary market functionality on one platform, enabling users to sell-down risk to a large pool of investors.

Corporate Volumes

The biggest corporate names pushing their biggest flows and volumes through Market.

Data Privacy

Data is stored in a secure and confidential environment without Komgo having access to the encrypted transaction details.

What Is Market For?

Market Discovery

Send pricing requests or manage your credit appetite, availability and pricing disclosure to corporates and/or banks, in the primary and secondary markets.

Detailed Quotations

Request or submit detailed quotations for risk cover discounting, LC confirmation and discounting, avalised drafts discounting, SBLC confirmation and guarantee re-issuance.

Deal Execution

Execution module for the end-to-end transaction finalisation, with documents exchange and signature.

Keeping Record

Bring all interactions onto one
platform with standardised exchanges and terminology, to harmonise pricing discussions and build visibility on historical trends.

Corporate-to-FInancial institutions

Credit Appetite

Advertise and promote capacity on corporate and bank risk.

01 /

Proactively share credit appetite information on buyers and issuing banks.

02 /

Respond to incoming credit capacity and pricing requests.

03 /

Track and monitor requests received and information sent.


Risk Cover Discounting

Receive risk cover and discounting requests from corporates. Submit quotes or decline requests.

01 /

Negotiate transaction details and pricing. Follow the status of your quotes: accepted, declined or pending.

02 /

Exchange documents, update pricing details, indicate when cover and/or discounting is booked.

03 /

Communicate on the repayment status of a transaction. Monitor payment track record (of the importer).

Financial Institutions

LC Confirmation

Promote capacity on export flows.

01 /

Provide a detailed split of fees applicable to a transaction.

02 /

Follow the status of your quotes (accepted, declined or pending).

03 /

Receive confirmation of deal allocation, and acknowledge limit reservation.

financial institutions & investors

Secondary Market

Match with buyers or sellers to unlock new distribution and participation opportunities.

01 /

As a seller: advertise distribution opportunities on corporate and bank risk to investors in the market; or send quote requests on specific deals to multiple investment partners, including those off-platform.

02 /

As an investor: Advertise appetite on corporates and bank risk, and respond to incoming quote requests from trade finance banks.

03 /

Gain a consolidated and real-time view of demand or supply per buyer, issuing bank, seller and investor.

Still not convinced? More benefits for managers and users:

Improve returns.

Monitor demand, manage credit lines and get a better view of the market.

Find new business.

Advertise appetite and pricing to corporates on a confidential basis. Exchange with multiple parties at once and automate information sharing.

Keep record.

Gain insights and intelligence from historical records on pricing information, demand, usage and more.

Speed and efficiency.

Structured exchange keeps all parties on the same page and reduces back-and-forth.

Control your data.

With bilateral exchanges only, Komgo doesn’t see, collect or analyse any information exchanged.

Easy does it.

Simple and easy user interface requires minimal change management.

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