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Digitalise documentary credit workflows with your banks.

Increase speed and efficiency:
Easily compare versions and track changes.
Integration ready:
Rapid integration and mapping of data with back and middle office software.
Reduce errors:
Avoid copy-pasting data from one system to another.
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Unlock liquidity ​and extend your business reach.​

One platform to manage all receivables financing activities with multiple banks.
Get the best price:
Standardised pricing and comparable quotes provide a better view of the market.
Control your data:
With bilateral exchanges only, Komgo doesn’t see, collect or analyse any information exchanged.
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Manage KYC processes and request documents.

Digitalise your process:
Reduce the burden of sending and responding to multiple KYC requests.
Single source:
Ensure all documents and exchanges are stored in a single, secure environment.
Avoid manual entry:
Structured workflows and data fields help automate the sharing of information and documents.
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