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The language of trade finance is as diverse as the products and geographies it covers.

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Konsole connects corporates and banks in an authenticated, structured exchange around the full life-cycle of a trade finance instrument, from opening and issuance, to amendment, presentation of documents and settlement.

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With standardized data fields, full integration capabilities and an intuitive UI, Konsole provides a benchmark reference for the industry and the best-in-class value to end-users.

What is Konsole for?

Documentary Credit

Create efficiencies in internal and external workflows with your banks.

Release of Goods

Secure electronic instructions which can be independently verified.

Borrowing Base

Automate stock reconciliation with your warehouses and bring comfort to lenders.

Why choose Konsole?


One platform to manage all trade finance exchanges with multiple banks. Covers a wide range of functionality including LCs, SBLCs, documentary collections, guarantees, LOIs, release of goods and financing requests.

Structured Data

Standardised data fields ensure all participants share the same view of a transaction and the most up to date version of an instrument. Open APIs allow banks and corporates to interface with their own systems.

Authenticated Messaging

Permissioned, secure and encrypted messaging recognised by leading banks for receipt of instructions and documents, with 30MB attachment capacity.

Fully Digital Workflow

Defined signing rules and routing enable any organisation to customise and consolidate their internal and external workflows.


Standardised Data Fields

Ensure all participants share the same view of a transaction's status:

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Easy mapping integration with internal systems.

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Dedicated reference fields for corporates and banks. (incl. private fields for internal use).

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Highlighted fields show participants which data has changed during discussion and amendment.


Historical View

Manage every transaction in a single screen, which shows the entire history of messages exchanged:

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Bring all messages related to one transaction under the same thread, categorised according to the real lifecycle of the instrument.

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Track changes make it easy to see the evolution of the instrument, while a consolidated view provides all parties with the latest version at any given time.


Shared Inbox

Give your teams the tool they need to manage all interactions and exchanges in one place.

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Calendar of activities based on Konsole deadlines to track tasks with notifications and alarms.

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Dedicated reference fields for corporates and banks. (incl. private fields for internal use).

Still not convinced? More benefits for managers and users:

Single source.

Store all messages, data and documents in a single repository. Automatically bring all messages related to one transaction under the same thread.

Integration ready.

Rapid integration and mapping of data with trading systems and ETRMs.

Better than an email.

Always reach the right people and remove need for wet-ink signature. Dedicated reference fields for corporates and banks.

Increase speed and efficiency.

Easily compare versions and track changes. All participants share a consolidated view of a transaction.

Easy change management.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface requires minimal training.

Secure remote access.

Sign instructions on the go and build strong business continuity planning.

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