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Mercuria Energy Trading SA

Komgo was selected as the integration partner to secure and digitalize their trade documents. We worked with Mercuria to integrate our document tracking solution, Trakk, with their invoicing system to guard against fraud and phishing

Mercuria’s Needs

Cyber-fraud is booming and the energy sector is among the worst affected. Corporates are actively looking to upgrade their operational risk management.

Receiving the right data and making sure buyers receive secure information is a way to protect the business.

Securing the invoicing process without changing the habits of the users were high priority requirements for Mercuria.

Trakk was naturally the most suitable solution to meet these requirements, a low hanging fruit that could be quickly and easily implemented in just a few weeks.

Komgo’s Expert Solutions

Old Flow:

  1. The invoicing system generates the invoice PDF once the settlement users sign-off.
  2. The invoice is then uploaded to the document management system.
  3. An email is auto-generated with attachment.

Improved Flow:

  1. When signing off, the invoicing system will receive back a Trakk registered document.
  2. Upon reception by the invoicing system, the copy is deleted from the Trakk database / ledger.
  3. The newly Trakked invoice is then uploaded in the document management system as the latest version.

Feedback and Results

“We partnered with Komgo to seamlessly integrate their Trakk solution into the firm’s settlement system, allowing us to stamp and trace all of our invoices and reduce risk of non-payment.

We expect to scale this solution to other use cases in the near future.

Working with the Komgo integration team was very efficient and they provided a professional and high quality level of service, from both a project management and IT perspective.

Additionally the team was very helpful, knowledgeable and a joy to work with.”

Mohamed Osman, Software Engineer
Mercuria Energy Trading SA

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