Simplify Onboarding & Renewal

About Check
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How does Check work?

Single Source

A secure and private environment for all KYC exchanges, forms and documentation.

Automate Workflow

Reduce manual touch points by automating data collection and integration with other systems.

Manage Counterparties

Easily request, receive or send documents to multiple parties at once, including those off-platform.

Monitor Risk

Manage requests in specific dashboards to ensure documents are sent and received on time, assign risk profiles and track renewal dates.

How can Check help you?

Increase speed and efficiency.

Smart functionality including OCR and auto-match help avoid copy-pasting of data from one system to another.

Reduce manual errors.

Structured workflows and data fields help ensure the right document is shared, and build good practices.

Easy change management.

Simple and user-friendly interface requires minimal training.

Better than an email.

Reach the right people, at the right organizations, with the same tool. The identities of the sender and recipient are guaranteed.

Achieve more together.

Coordinate teams by managing deadlines, assigning tasks, creating alerts and automatic notifications.

Avoid fragmentation.

Automatically bring all messages, documents and information related to one KYC exchange under the same thread.

Trace every step.

Automatic audit trail per request and per document.

Secure remote access.

Manage tasks on the go and build strong business continuity planning.

Simplify Onboarding & Renewal

A single source to accelerate KYC.

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