Globaltrade is a product operated by GlobalTrade Corporation (GTC). GTC has been acquired by Komgo to create the world's largest platform for digitalisation of trade finance.

Shaping The Future Of Trade Services

Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets.

Transition from spreadsheets to a digital treasury solution for optimised management of LCs, SBLCs, Bank Guarantees, Corporate Guarantees, & Surety Bonds.

Want to automate calculation of bank charges, track credit lines in real-time and connect with any bank globally?

Over 20 years of experience bridging treasury teams with global trade banks:

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How do you manage approx. 5000 new guarantee transactions a year, across 65+ relevant countries,
with a small team in a lean and centralized set-up?

Single Communication Channel

One platform to manage all your trade finance transactions, with all of your banks.

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A digital hub to manage all trade finance transactions through the communication channels of your choice. Send instructions via Komgo APIs, Web Interface and SWIFT.

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Templating and customisable configurations allow users to save both money and time, while reducing risk and improving monitoring and control.

Automatic Fee Calculation

Gain transparency over calculation of bank fees and credit availability.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of manual fee calculations. Bank and corporate fees are automatically calculated based on user-defined rules.

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Real-time monitoring of credit lines and the use of advanced reporting minimise risk and assist in the decision-making process for treasury professionals.

Improve Collaboration

Increase collaboration and minimise dependencies by tailoring the tool to fit your processes.

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Configure the platform so it adapts to your internal processes, including the ability to customize alarms and tasks to ensure nothing is missed, enhancing collaboration between team members.

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Signing and routing rules adapted to multi-level organisations of all sizes, this enables any organisation to consolidate their internal and external workflows.


What they're saying about us.

Its great to have a single platform to manage all our processes.
Tim Bachinger
Senior Treasury Manager
Siemens Healthineers
Price discovery on Komgo isn’t just about cost cutting, it’s about identifying the right financing parter, faster.
Gessica Scida
Treasury Leader
Baker Hughes
The attitude of the Komgo team was really problem-solving oriented, they were able to satisfy our needs without creating a lot of customisation in the tool.
Gessica Scida
Treasury Leader
Baker Hughes

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