Optimize Liquidity & Manage Risk

About Market

See the Big Picture.

Receivables finance data is scattered as requests and quotes are discussed predominantly via email and on the phone.

Market harmonizes these disparate exchanges, allowing users to send requests to or publish pricing data with many parties at once, providing an aggregated view of cost of funds, easing access to liquidity, saving time and helping you get the most benefit from your pricing data.

How does Market work?


One platform to manage all risk cover, confirmation, discounting and treasury activities with multiple banks. Quote and book transactions or exchange information on deposits and loans.

Common Reference

Bring all interactions onto one platform with standardized exchanges and comparable quotes.


Optimize working capital, manage cost-of-funds, monitor demand, market lines and automatically exchange information with more parties, more often.

Consolidated View

Intuitive dashboards allow users to view and track key information in a single screen, while access to historical data builds trends and insights.

How can Market help you?

Increase speed and efficiency.

Structured exchange keeps all parties on the same page and reduces back-and-forth. Comparable quotes provide an aggregated view and enable better choices.

Find new business.

Exchange with multiple parties at once and automate information sharing. Advertise and request appetite.

Keep record.

Gain insights and intelligence from historical records on pricing information, demand, usage and more.

Control your data.

With bilateral exchanges only, Komgo doesn’t see, collect or analyse any information exchanged.

Seal the deal.

Finalize details with a real-time contextual chat related to each transaction.

Achieve more together.

Coordinate teams by managing a shared calendar of deadlines, assigning tasks, creating alerts and automatic notifications.

Trace every step.

Clear trail of activity: who did what, when.

Optimize Liquidity & Manage Risk

Harmonized data & transactions to enable better choices.

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