Keep Track of Document Trails

About Trakk

Bring Visibility to Trade Documents.

Documents don’t operate like we need them to. Participants are blind to whether cargoes are pledged, invoices settled or goods already financed.

Trakk is a tool to manage operational risk by allowing users to stamp, trace and authenticate digital documents, raise alerts and detect potential fraud as early as possible. By stamping, users can sign specific activities on a document such as ‘certify’, ‘finance’ or ‘pay’. This process builds a unique and immutable audit trail behind digital documents.

How does Trakk work?

Register a Document

Add documents to the Komgo ledger with a unique digital fingerprint and physical timestamp.

Sign Activities

Add recognized electronic signatures linked to specific activities. Multiple signatures can be added to create a clear trail of activities.

View the Audit Trail

Anyone in possession of the document can query the status online or via plugin for email. The status of the audit trail is always up to date, new activities signed are visible in real-time.

Trakk Authenticated

Komgo's verified network ensures the validity and accuracy of both the signatures and the content of the document once registered.

How can Trakk help you?

Add status to trade documents.

Knowing who’s signed a document is more valuable than the document itself. Instantly upgrade your operational risk management by bringing additional protection and comfort to your trade finance operations.

Build an ecosystem of trust.

Any action registered on a document is linked to both a verified company, and an individual. Only authorized representatives can sign documents.

Mitigate fraud.

Raise alerts and notify all parties of discrepancies with a document. Any change to the substance or tampering will generate a negative query result.

Easy change management.

Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows users to register, sign and authenticate documents directly in their email clients.

Trace every step.

Automatic audit trail for every document: who did what, when?

Control your data.

Documents are stored on your own private environment & shared on a bilateral basis only. Only the hash of the document is registered on chain.

Keep Track of Document Trails

Build unique documentary audit trails to guard against fraud & falsification.

Download plugin for Outlook